Entertainment of the World Vs Family Time – Our Daily Battle


I want you to honestly answer the few questions listed below:

* When was the last time you went to the movies?

* When you got home from work last night, how much TV did you watch?

* Have you taken your spouse out on a date in the last month?

* When was the last ‘Family Night’ that you and the whole family had together?

* Have you been out with friends or ‘buddies’ more than you have with your own children (or spouse) lately?

* Is that next TV show episode or the ‘big game’ more of a priority than helping the kids with their homework – or just playing with the kids?

* Does the violence, language, and immorality of the movies and TV shows you watch not even phase or bother you anymore?

* Are the kids spending more time on the computer, cell phone, or video games than they are with friends, playing, and with family?

* When was the last time you had a daddy-daughter or mother-son date?

It is unfortunately true that we each have been – or still are – guilty of allowing the entertainment of the world to occupy much more time than the time spent with our own family. While going to the movies, watching TV, being on the computer, or going ‘out’ with friends are certainly not bad in and of themselves, the reality is that we do it so often that we neglect the very spouse, children, and relationships that are most important to us. What is worse, we willingly and subconsciously allow this entertainment – which is often not family-friendly – to negatively impact and influence the feeling in our homes and the moral foundation of our family. Is it any wonder why our society is so full of violence, disrespect, laziness, selfishness, and immorality – when the majority of our time is spent in front of various electronic devices that communicate a message produced by companies whose only purpose and goal is to… make money!

Do we need to get rid of our TV’s, Computers, and Cell Phones? Of course not! What we need is self-discipline and balance. What we need is a heightened resolve to spend more time with family. What we need is an increased awareness of the absolutely negative and immoral impact most of the entertainment of the world has not only upon our children – but upon ALL of us! And, what we need are mothers, fathers, and parents everywhere who are willing to make the extra effort to turn off the TV, the cell phones, the computer, and the video games a little more – and spend more time as a family!

Source by Matthew Toone

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