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Everyone wants great ideas for their home. They want something that will catch the eye. They want ideas that are totally original. But it always happens that once I give an idea away, my idea catches on like wildfire. I start to see it all over the place.

That doesn’t matter to me much at all though. I like the fact that people love my ideas and they are putting them to good use. That’s why I like sharing my ideas with my readers. I may never get to meet you in person. But if you’ve used any of my ideas, then I have helped you even though I may not know it.

Another great idea actually comes from the McMansion trend. Placing entertainment systems in the walls has taken on a new face lately. In the 80’s, a simple radio system that you could call from room to room was the trend. You might have been able to play a cassette tape in the system if you chose a more updated model.

These days, an entire entertainment system is being built into the walls of new homes. Complete with plasma screen televisions, video control panels and DVD players, these entertainment systems have everything you might imagine. The sound surrounds the house through a speaker system that reaches each room. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are hidden in the walls behind cabinet doors. Some are just plain permanent features of the wall, embedded in the wall. But, the classiest system of all was the one I saw placed above the fireplace. The chimney was installed behind the system and there was sufficient insulation to keep it from overheating with a fire in the fireplace.

But, who can afford that? Most of my clients are very happy with their incomes, but they will never be able to buy million dollar homes or have them built any way they way. That’s where I come in handy. I give my clients great ideas for the entertainment system above the fireplace ensemble and I jump with joy when it catches on like wildfire. At least I know that my clients are happy enjoying their peace of the pie that came with the old Jessica Brylan discount.

First of all, there is no way to undercut the price you are going to pay for a plasma screen television. But, why do you have to go that route to begin anyway? I walked into a happening club one time and I saw huge images on just about every wall. But, I didn’t see one television in the place. That’s because the club used an inexpensive alternative called the screen.

For far less than what you are going to pay for a plasma screen television, you can get a projector that is run by the DVD player you have hidden somewhere throughout the room. A remote control DVD player can be placed anywhere out of sight out of mind. The projector is placed on the ceiling in front of the screen. You now have huge vision without huge expense.

The fireplace below your huge screen television unit can be a Ventless Gel Fireplace that runs as low as $300. Every bit as classy as a traditional log burning fireplace, the Ventless Gel Fireplace won’t need a chimney or a hearth. No holes in the walls. No ripping up the floors during installation. A brass unit like the Oakland would fit nicely as a floor model. But then again, the Milan actually hangs on the wall and it would finish off this project perfectly as well.

There is always a way to look at something someone else has, something you know you will never be able to afford, and making it your own. You have to look around at all the options. You have to be able to bargain shop. But if you really want something, there is always a way to make it happen.

Source by Jessica Brylan

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