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Time can sometimes be a luxury that not many people can afford. Bonding time with the family is often cut short due to the demands of work and the need of the body to just rest and recuperate. The makers of the Epson 8350 projector entertainment system understand the precious minutes wasted on driving to the movie theatre and waiting in line just to get a ticket or a bucket of that buttery popcorn. Why spend weekends getting stuck in traffic and queuing in long lines when watching your favorite movie or that must-see sports game is possible right there in the cozy and relaxing atmosphere of the family room.

The concept of home entertainment has greatly evolved with the advent of 3D movies and interactive video games. Although bigger is not always better, this does not apply when setting up a family home entertainment system. Projector type screens have the visual advantage of creating a cinema-like atmosphere making watching movies more enjoyable and playing video games more exciting. But unlike its competitors, the Epson 8350 brings to the screen a stunningly rich and vibrant color performance whether it is day or night.

Complete room darkness is not necessary in order to project color sharpness with its 50,000 to 1 contrast ratio, 1080p TFT D7 chip, and 2000 white light and lumens color output. The screen comes to life with its exclusive cinema filter complete with a color gamut expansion. Skin tones and images are amazingly life-like in high-definition color. It has smooth gradations that are made possible with its 12-bit chip innovation. The noise level common to many projectors is minimized for the viewer to have a thorough appreciation of the dialogues and soundtrack while watching a movie or playing intense video games. One will only notice a slight noise increase whenever a change is made to the color mode like going from Cinema to Dynamic.

One’s family viewing experience will never be the same again after they have sampled the unique technology of the Epson 8350. Serious aficionados of the projector type home entertainment system will appreciate the excellent fine tuning and upgrades done to this home cinema model. First time users will be introduced to a whole new level of viewing pleasure. The product features are solid and distinctive in its details but one need not be overwhelmed by all the technical stuff. This projector comes with a user-friendly manual that will guide its owner in every aspect of its installation, operation, maintenance and storage. So setting up and getting it going should be easy as pie.

Source by Andrew Gerard

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