Ergonomics at Call Centers


Ergonomics can no longer be relegated to the sidelines as a special privilege that is taken for granted. Employees and the management were never particular about having the right kind of seating arrangements and cubicles. They were content with what they had on their plate. That complacency is about to be shelved now that independent studies have revealed that wrong ergonomics can affect telemarketing services in subtle ways. In fact, the studies have also pointed out that call centers can do a better job at management and resource utilization if they are following the right ergonomics while building up the call centers. In this article, we will take a closer look at how performance related issues at telemarketing are affected by this understated and undermined factor.

Telemarketing agents have to sit at their desk for long hours. They work for extra hours almost every day. Because they are chained to their desk for such long lengths of time, they have to be comfortable in their seating posture. If the chair they are sitting on and the computer in front are not properly coordinated, they will be craning their necks and backs to get the right feel. They will be uncomfortable and finally the wrong posture will affect them. They will feel the need for frequent comfort breaks, which telemarketing services cannot afford to offer. This will affect the quality of work that they are doing. These call center agents may also shy away from working longer stretches of time because they are not comfortable where they are seated. These add to make it difficult for the management.

On the other hand, call center units can make the agents comfortable by putting some thought and planning into the workplace. They can follow the international standards of ergonomics when they are setting up the floor. There are some simple points that they have to keep in mind. But these simple points will go on to make a big difference in the call center services that you do. When the agents feel that the management is thinking about their comfort and well being, they will be motivated. A single deed is better than a thousand intentions and nowhere is it more applicable than in the context of a BPO management. If you take care of your agents and employees, you will create a loyalty among them and you can cut down on your attrition rate.

The call center finance department can save up money if they are getting the right kind of ergonomics for the call centers. It may seem like additional investment to get all of these in order. However, in the long run, they will be saving up on medical expenses that are bound to come to their door. The wrong working conditions will make it difficult for the agents to keep working for longer periods of time. They are bound to face problems with their vertebrae, neck and shoulders. In such cases, the customer service company has to pay for medical bills. And also look for replacements while the sick agents recuperate.

Source by Ivana Lewis

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