Essential Characteristics of an Athlete


Imagine yourself as a member of a competing team in an international competition. You are carrying your country’s pride – her name and honor, in fact! A few steps from where you are standing, awards are being given. Your country’s name is called. Your team has won. Hurray! The trophy is now in your hands! Teary eyed, you raised the cup for your country and her people.

But hey, how do you achieve such a precious moment? Being an athlete is not just all about us. You need to be determined. Here are some points that wannabe athletes must posses:

Vital character of a winner- Trophies and medals are not the ultimate measurement s of being a champion. Self respect and strength of mind are also must-haves. Athletes are considered public properties as all eyes are focused on them. For some people, they are deemed as role models. Although athletes take a lifetime to build a reputation, they only need one minute to destroy it.

Passion to Compete – An athlete must have the passion to win. This would drive him to work harder each time. An athlete must think that a competition is like period that has no boundaries. He should always strive for the best.

Self-sacrifice-Rigid training is needed before joining any competition. Athletes have to give up most of their personal activities to be able to comply to training schedules. They devote more time and energy for practice rather than in socializing. A strong self stamina is very essential to prepare yourself if you want to have a career in sports.

Check your weaknesses- How are you going to give your best if you do not work on your drawbacks? Athletes learn from mistakes and practices. So that should also be your philosophy.

Hardship- It can make or break the athlete. Learn to overcome your downfall. Road to success is not a milky way.

Eagerness to practice- Always come on time during practices. Always give your best when training. Remember that an aspiring athlete have to develop promptness not only during the games but also during workout. Team building is essential at all times. It pays to work hard. After all, you will be the one to reap the fruits.

Willingness to learn – This is the most important point. You cannot get any desire or ambition you have if you are not a good follower. Absorb all the details you get from your coach and apply them. Avoid having an egghead outlook.

Source by Chris Campbell

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