Everyone Interprets Art Differently


The word art frightens some people off. They fear a world of perception where others can see something they are missing. Many find the words used to discuss and describe art do not make sense and they fear being made a fool of. The instruction to avoid interpretation and just feel is also something some find challenging. The western world spends a great deal of time teaching the young to avoid showing emotions.

Artists are put in a special category rather like scientists. They appear to live in a world which is different from ordinary mortals and they are allowed a certain amount of license to be different. There is sometimes anxiety about them because they appear to perceive and interpret the world in unusual ways.

Art is also a way of making an impact about an issue the artist feels strongly about, which cannot be brought to the attention of the public any other way. A story, a poem, a painting, a sculpture all have the capacity, like cartoons, to capture an element which affects many but which no one can quite get to grips with. Art can contain a grain of truth. It can help make a point in a way which has impact. It has frequently been used as a propaganda tool. The Nazis certainly used it as such.

Art is what pleases. There might be no apparent sense to the object, whether it is a painting, sculpture, collage, a piece of prose or just a clay pot. Those are the groups of things we generally think of as art. Art can make us feel safe if we prefer gentle, familiar objects to put on our walls. For some art that challenges is uncomfortable. Yet art encompasses so much more than the great masterpieces.

Everyday objects give us pleasure because of their shape, their color or use. They have been designed and created for a purpose. That alone can be a delight. Art can be ugly yet appealing; as in paintings which challenge accepted views of a subject. Crude does not have attraction. The response to the man made objects in the world around us is a personal one. Because of experience, conditioning, personal idiosyncrasies and perception of what is right, we all interpret art differently.

Many are bamboozled by poetry. There is obviously something some people find satisfying yet what on earth is the poet trying to say. It can feel as though a screen exists between poet and reader which needs to be removed for enlightenment.

A building can generate a large amount of discussion about whether it is sensible, elegant, beautiful, useful or ridiculous. Again, the responses are personal because humans have so many beliefs about what makes something ‘right’.

Art is as varied as humans and this enriches our world.

Source by Rosemary Redfern

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