Exfoliating Loofah Body Scrubber Mitts – Bath and Shower 3 Pack – Skin Care Tool For Men and Women – 100% Natural Luffa Product – Excellent Exfoliator for Clear, Smooth Skin.


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Loofahs are the most effective and popular skin care tools for exfoliating, improving skin health for soft amazing skin. Why? Because they work!

– Our mitts are 8″ long and 6″ wide the perfect size for most men and women.

– – Extra strength reinforced stitching in our sponges keep them durable and long lasting. Hook for drying included.

– Conforms to your body and lathers up for showering or bathing.

– exfoliating naturally abrasive loofah for deep scrubbing, full body exfoliation and skin care.

– comes with instructions for best results & care for long lasting use – contact us and we’ll ensure you love this back scrubber – we aim to please!

High Quality Loofah material and product creation.

As with anything quality of product construction and materials used are important and will largely determine your experience. Wicked Health and Beauty uses only high quality 100% natural loofah material. These hand pads were made for you with real loofah, cotton and extra strength stitching and fiber. Never worry about artificial dyes or harsh chemicals poisoning your skin or causing rashes. Naturally anti-bacterial our Loofah is naturally grown, bio-degradable and eco-friendly!

Why Wicked Health and Beauty?

– We specialize in the design, production and economical sale of natural skin care products and tools that will help you create clear, healthy skin!

– Great products and amazing bonuses. One of them is an eBook on creating healthy, clear skin naturally.

– We’re friendly! We’ll be in touch to ensure you are super happy!

100% PRODUCT GUARANTEE: If you don’t love it send it back no questions asked! Only from Wicked Health and Beauty.

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BEST LOOFAH BODY SCRUBBER MITTS: Don’t let dry skin skin problems control your appearance. Experience the same results thousands have.
QUALITY LUFFA PRODUCT & SKIN CARE TOOL: Fits into the hand easily – Long lasting and easy to use and keep clean.
PREVENTS SPOTS, BLEMISHES AND BREAKOUTS: Remove dry skin or spots, reduce conditions/blemishes. Increase the natural detoxification! No chemicals & hypoallergenic.
FREE EBOOK FOR PERFECT SKIN & LOOFAH CARE. 100% Product Guarantee! Offer Available only from Wicked Health and Beauty. Enhance your skin care!
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