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Gallery is defined as a building or a series of rooms devoted to the exhibition and often the sale of work of  arts . Among the innumerable  art : sculpture, photographs, illustrations, installation  art  and applied  arts  are exhibited in  art  gallery; and painting is commonly displayed medium. It is a way of promoting the unexhibited  art  and fresh artist. The  art  galleries let artists to display and promote their work in these venues with zeal.

Contemporary  art  is in vogue. The term contemporary  art  gallery refers to a commercial gallery intended for private-profit-motive. These galleries are usually spotted agglomerate in large urban areas. For instance: the Saatchi gallery of London is a well known hub of contemporary  art  world. Contemporary  art  gallery are also open to the general public without any cost where they can purchase  art . Non-for-profit galleries and  art-collective  galleries are also to be found that directly create opportunities to put on show regularly. Moreover, the artist-run-centre gallery exists on government funds.  Art  gallery can also be interpreted as the springboard for launching careers for fresh and young artist.

Here is a short list of notable contemporary galleries:

o Mumbai: The  Arts  Trust – Institute Of Contemporary Indian  Art 

o London: Saatchi Gallery, Victoria Miro Gallery

o Los Angeles: Paragon Fine  Art 

o Madrid: Museo De Arte Contemporaneo

o Mexico city: Galleria OMR

Umpteen well-known  art  galleries exhibit  art  from all over the continents. Selected and matchless works of African  art , American  art , Indian  art , European are preserved in the  art  galleries for the coming generations. To promote  Art , many  art  galleries adopt the online mechanism letting people to view their work by sitting at home. Such innovative steps provide opportunities for  art  aficionados to purchase outstanding the works.

Source by Mukul Kumar Fugaat

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