“Extra Strength” Wild Mediterranean Turkish 100% Eco Certified Organic Oil of Oregano


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Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil (Real Origanum Vulgare Specie) is grown wild and handpicked from the mountainous regions of western TURKEY and never farmed. The process of extracting this oregano oil is steam distilled from the leaves only without any chemicals or alcohol in an ISO 9001-2000 facility, then ECO certified 100% Organic Food Grade Essential Oil. The last and most important step of our product is that it is bottled in the USA in a FDA cGMP compliant bottling Facility. Every step it takes to produce this fine product is organic and natural and cannot be compared. While it is food grade and used internally, you must dilute it with organic coconut or organic olive oil for external use. Enjoy!100% Organically Grown in the Western Mountains of Turkey
ECO Certified 100% Organic Origanum Vulgare Specie
Handpicked and Steam Distilled from Leaves Only
Wild Meditarranean Turkish Oil of Oregano
There is Nothing Better Guaranteed!

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