Face Weights Facial Toning Weights: For Facial Toning, Face Lifting, Face Firming, and Facial Fitness


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Facial Toning & Face Lifting System includes: 1 medium size weight (jowl lifter/cheek toner) and 1 smaller weight (lip plumper/brow lifter). Plus tote bag! These weights feature our non-skid materials designed to stay on skin during facial work outs. Also included are quick and easy instructions for your 3 to 5 minute work out. Weights come with our convenient Face Weights tote bag. Tone and sculpt your face in a matter of days!Tone & Lift Face for Facial Fitness! Includes 2 facial toning weights plus a convenient tote bag!
BETTER, Faster Than NuFace Or ANY Microcurrent Device – See Results in Days! More EFFECTIVE than Facial Flex – increases muscle tone more and in more areas!
Face Lift Creams Don’t Work. Our facial toning weights do. Works on sagging jowls and cheeks!
Much more effective than Derma Wand or any Lift Wand! Easier To Use Than ANY Face Firming Device – FAST – Only 5 Minutes!
Instructions Included. Lift and tone the face through a few easy facial exercises – money back guarantee!

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