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Facebook can seem daunting at first but as soon as you start with a personal profile page you will see that it is fun and easy to navigate. The first question that some of you might not even dare to ask is: How to sign up?

With the sign up process you will be creating a personal profile page, which is the start to using Facebook.

1. Facebook Website

First of all you have to go to the Facebook website. You will be opening a sign up screen with a form to fill in your details: your first and last name, email address and a password of your choice. Make sure you also choose your gender and your birthday.

2. Security Check Page

Click sign up and you will be taken to a security check page. This is a standard check to make sure that only real people create profiles. Simply add the 2 words that appear in your security check box and click sign up.

3. 4 Steps to Create Your Profile

Then you will be taken through the four steps to create your profile.

Step 1 is to add friends whom you might already know. Facebook uses a recognition algorithm that matches people you might know with your email address.

Step 2 is to add your email account details and your email account password. This way Facebook will let you know which people in your address book are already using Facebook and you can connect with them straight away.

Step 3 is to add some more profile information, with the same intent of finding people you already know, for example people who went to the same school, university or work in the same company.

Step 4 is to add a profile picture which you can do either by uploading a photo from your computer or by taking one straight away with a webcam if you have got one.

If you want to quickly create your profile you can simply skip most of these steps and add those details later. Once you have clicked the ‘Save & Continue’ button you have a profile page! You will have to check your email for a confirmation from Facebook. This way they make sure that you use a valid email address.

By clicking on the ‘profile’ tab you can see what your current profile looks like. You will still want to add some more personal information to make it look complete. If you look at people’s personal profile and you see the button called ‘add as a friend’ it means that you are not yet connected. By clicking it you choose to get connected to them.

Source by Nathalie Himmelrich

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