Facial Exercises by Carolyn’s Facial Fitness – Full Kit with DVD


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This is a complete facial exercise program that evenly lifts and tightens both the face and the neck. Everybody knows that through exercising in a gym you can firm up the body and skin. Naturally, the same is true about the muscles in the face and neck. As your muscles and connective tissue tone, your skin tightens up and your complexion improves. CFF is a program of facial exercises that actually build muscle fiber that creates lift, enhances the beauty of the skin and diminishes wrinkles. CFF is known for the balanced, even build it gives to the face and neck. It is easy to learn and easy to use. You will receive a DVD that shows you the complete handholds for each and every exercise and 2 CDs that talk you through the entire workout in only 15 minutes. This is a reasonable amount of time anyone can afford. Included is a photo-illustrated workbook with over 11 bonus facial exercises for addressing those stubborn spots and an easy to do massage technique that ensures a powerful, elegant build to the face. Bigger and correctly toned muscles can take five, ten to fifteen years off your appearance. This program is for both men and women. Regain that vital, youthful look you thought you’d never see again.All 28 facial exercises in the program are fully demonstrated on the DVD, including those lying down
Designed by a schoolteacher and physician, CFF is easy to learn and easy to use as well as safe
A workbook with photo-illustrated photographs of bonus exercises, a Wrinkle Release technique that works, a massage technique and more
Photo-illustrated flashcards demonstrating proper handholds as a handy reference, especially useful during the learning period
2 CDs that talk you through a complete workout in only a 15 minute session as well as a great mirror for learning the exercises

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