Family Guy History


Family Guy has been through 7 seasons, airing off and on since 2000. The show actually made its debut in 2000, but was cancelled in 2002 for unknown reasons. Due to an overwheleming response from fans, the show was back again in 2004! The show has been airing consistently since then and the show is slated for more seasons.

The main setting in the show is a fictional town called Quahog, in Rhode Island. The shows creator, Seth McFarlane, was a student at the Rhode Island school of design, so that may have had something do to with the setting.

What makes the show so durable is its broad based appeal. Teenagers, adults, and even senior citizens can relate the the show and find the show brings them great entertainment value. The ratings of the show are as high as ever, reaching around 8 million viewers with each episode. Considering that there are obviously no live or big name actors to pay, this makes family guy a pretty profitable venture, meaning that we should see more and more of it in the future.

Family Guy is one of the most successful animated TV series of all time. South Park and the Simpsons have been airing for longer then the Family Guy, but the show gets the best rankings of the three. South Park appeals to a smaller audience, pre teens and teenagers, and the Simpsons has seen its better days, so now is the time for the show to step up and continue being the premier animated TV Show.

Source by Evan X Smith

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