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There can surely be nothing more important in life than our health, and the well-being of others round about us. Right? Well according to the way most of us live day to day, you could forgiven for thinking the opposite. We’re always too busy to eat well, too busy to exercise. We’re sometimes even too busy to take the kids to the park, or to go on a bike ride. So let’s take a step back from work and other commitments, and look at the real importance of healthy living for both you and your family.

A healthy balanced diet alone can add years to your life expectancy. When you’re on the go, you become stressed and tired, which makes the right balance of nutrients and minerals even more important. It’s vital that you stop for the sake of your health, and plan sensible balanced meals to give you the best possible fuel for your day. Initially, think about including around five portions of fruit or vegetables in your daily diet.

It might sound a lot to start with, but you could easily fit in two portions of fruit at breakfast time, an apple for a snack and two vegetables with your evening meal. Similarly, it’s recommended by expert nutritionists that we drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Again this sounds overwhelming, but break it down into manageable amounts: a couple of glasses at breakfast or with every meal and you’re just about there. It’s simply a case of making these minute lifestyle changes, as well as avoiding high fat/sugar foods that can make a drastic change to the way you feel every day.

When it comes to the health of your family, you have even more concerns. Vulnerable relatives, whether very old or very young must be supplied with nutritious, balanced meals to ensure optimum health and to give them a fighting chance against illness and disease. If you’re in control of planning the meals for your household, you should take the initiative and start organising a balance between the vital food groups, i.e. carbohydrates, protein, and essential fats.

Encourage your family to make changes in their own lifestyles to come into line with expert health and nutritional guidance. Everyone knows what to do, and it’s no great mystery, but a healthy lifestyle is only achievable with dedication and commitment to a new way of life all round.

Source by Jonathon Hardcastle

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