Famous Movie Stars of the 90’s – The Hidden Side


When the famous movie stars walk down that red carpet, thousands of photos are taken by hundreds of photographers. Many shots will be posed and still many more will be looking to make the star seem foolish or poorly dressed, but a very few will reach inside the star and show a side that is rarely seen.

These are the photos that turn those famous movie stars into real people. But these photos are rare and don’t normally come from the paparazzi. The paparazzi shoot for the exploitive and outrageous images, that’s what they get paid for. For the paparazzi the order of the day is shoot more, shoot often and see what you have shot once you download them to your computer.

During the 90s several technological changes took place, the biggest of which was the birth of the digital age. The digital age had its victims though, one of the biggest being film cameras, at least where still cameras were concerned. With digital photography the job of the paparazzi became that much easier, cheaper and faster.

The digital “new media” also became a concern for famous movie stars during the 90s as this new medium cut into the once gigantic actor salaries. Even though the 90s were another groundbreaking decade for films and filmmakers, actors had to begin a long battle for their share of this new digital pie.

All of these concerns can be seen on the faces of stars if you look very closely. But in the glitz and hurry of the red carpet scene, photos that show more than a dress or a hairdo are seldom seen. These photos must be mined like the gold they are. These actors are not famous movie stars for nothing, they have learned to play a part and that “part” is what the public most often sees. Even on the red carpet though, there are brief moments of clarity.

During those brief moments as the stars on the red carpet move down the gauntlet, the true photographers capture more than the facade of these famous movie stars. They photograph a piece of the true personality, the kind of photo that tells much more than a 1000 word story. A photo that shows some insight into what makes this person the star they have become.

Every decade has its share of famous movie stars, the 90s was no different. The 90s stars just had to learn to do it digitally. The same way every photographer had to face the digital age as well. But whether the photo was taken digitally or on film, it was still up to the man behind the camera to know when the moment was right. The stars just create the moments, the photographers have to catch them.

Source by Keith King

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