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A regular 9 to 5 job and some personal activities fit perfectly well with our fast paced world. Most of us have full schedules. We work hard to have a better life, work, status and even a better health. But when almost everything happens in a snap, are you confident that your body can keep up with the pace? Does your body have enough energy and nutrients to keep you going?

Oftentimes, the body’s condition is neglected because we focus our attention on improving our knowledge and skills, attaining work goals and building relationships. Those activities use up most of our time, and because we are not feeling pain or physical discomfort, it is easy to overlook our real physical condition.

It is important to remember that being physically comfortable is not a basis for anyone to say that he is healthy. Feeling well is far different from being well. In reality, “feeling well” is the best excuse that is keeping us from being completely healthy!

According to the World Health Organization, “health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”*. In order for us to be considered healthy, we have to improve our whole self, especially the physical aspect.

Here are some ways to have a better health:

• Listen to what your body is saying. It is important to know what your body is telling you through feeling and observation. There are times when a person’s mind is active but the body is giving out signs that it needs to rest. Doing what your body doesn’t want to do only creates stress.

• Condition your body. Do some activities that will prepare your body for routine or repetitious activities. Doing some exercises in the morning can stimulate your body to produce more energy.

• Listening to instrumental music before you go to sleep relaxes your body.

• Eat well. Food fuels the body and a balanced diet is the best kind of fuel for the body’s needs. Plan your activities and take the food that will give you the nutrients you’ll need.

• Cleanse your body to be nutritionally fit.

• Exercise your brain. A short puzzle or a crossword game each day can do wonders. It helps you to think fast, improve thinking skills and recall information easily.

• Interact more. Attend events and other social activities to meet more people. This will improve your social and communication skills. It also serves as a holistic activity that can hone various aspects of one’s self.

• Take breaks. Some people disregard breaks, they think they are a waste of time. The truth is a short break refreshes a person physically and mentally which helps us to perform better.

Improving your health as a whole can help you reach your goals; choose strategies that will suit you. Start focusing on your health today and you will be amazed how a better health can help you become a better you.

Source by James Downie

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