Features of an Eco-Friendly Home


As the negative effects being put on the earth by us is becoming more and more aware. People are starting to become more responsible and are changing their lives to undo the irresponsible human activities that are causing the damage, however, inevitable. But there are lots of ways and methods that you can use to help introduce a green environment. And one of these is to live in an Eco-friendly home. But, what are the features of a green home?

One thing you should aim for is to decrease carbon emissions. We have all heard of global warming and carbon emissions are a major cause. However, most homes aren’t Eco-friendly enough to help lower the emissions count. If this continues, a domino effect of, glacier melting, rising water levels, flooding, disappearance of land mass and this all leads to illnesses and death. If gases keep on rising, this domino effect will surely happen. To have a green home equipped with environment friendly features allow you to help contain gas emission to a minimum.

Here are some of the features in a Green Home:

• Start with an Eco-friendly property, a size big enough to let everybody have their own space and is enough that maintenance cost is effective and efficient. Not overly excessive or so small you’re sardine together.

• Location is important, be part of a green community with homes having Eco-friendly features. The surrounding landscape, regardless of home or business has green features.

• A green home has energy-efficient appliances (big and small)

• A green home uses sustainable materials in its construction. Materials that come from all renewable resources and materials that is organic.

• An Eco home comes with a passive solar system oriented to use and maximize benefits from using natural sunlight

• A green home is well insulated. Their walls have an inert gas layer designed to improve warmth in the winter and keep up regular, smooth cool air in the summer.

• Equipped with high-efficiency smoke, carbon and radon detectors, tied into the security and energy consumption monitors are Eco home features. These automated devices offer the homeowner’s with easy management.

• The paints being used are non-volatile and non-toxic, making a safe and healthy environment for the occupants

• A green home will merge drought resistant trees and plant life in their landscaping, which directly affects your water consumption.

In closing I would like to share a tip to saving energy. Eco homes come with a non-toxic, renewable insulation ranging 16-20 inches in their attic. If you have an older home, check your attic to find out the thickness of your insulation. Older homes were lucky to have 8 inches of insulation installed. Bring yours up to a minimum of 16 inches and it will give you a 25% savings on your energy bill. If you have a 2 story with A/C, that 10 degree difference in temperature, between the upper and lower floors will even out.

Source by Mark A Marshall

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