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By definition, an  art  gallery is a space where  art  is exhibited. More often than not, the  art  displayed will be visual in nature such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, costumes, collages, watercolors, prints and photographs. In certain cases, artistic events such as poetry readings and music concerts are also hosted at these galleries. Contrary to popular belief,  art  museums are frequented by millions of people each year. Unlike science,  art  does not require an explanation. What is mesmerizing for some would be bland for others. In addition to being popular,  art  pieces are also extremely expensive. Depending on the artist and which era it belongs to,  art  pieces can be worth millions of dollars.

Types of  art 

Over the years, several artists have defined and redefined as to what constitutes  art . Representational  art , material objects, portraits of gods and heroes, landscapes, historical events and depiction of current issues are just some of the many types of  art  one can see at an  art  museum. Material objects belonging to a particular era or culture are especially popular. The technique used in creating the  art  is also very important. Throughout history, artists have experimented with various techniques and tools.

In recent times, abstract  art  has garnered a lot of interest. Unlike others, abstract  art  does not represent anything in particular. Conceptual  art  is an offshoot of abstract  art  where the depiction is used to induce thoughts in the user and convert the concept into a reality. Some museums are dedicated to a particular  art  form while others showcase  art  in general. The higher the collection, the more popular is the  art  gallery. The internet is a good place to find popular  art  galleries in a particular area. Most sites have a gallery list based on popularity and location.

Such listings are particularly helpful for those who are not familiar with the place. Popular  art  exhibitions attract people from all corners of the world. Additionally, the gallery listing is also useful for budding artists who are looking for a place or event to showcase their work. Nowadays, a lot of people are looking at  art  as a career. In addition to the huge demand for quality  art , successful artists can make a lot of money by selling their work. There are several colleges and institutions which help aspiring artists to hone their skills.

Although there are several magazines, books and hand guides on  art  and  art  galleries, none of them offer the convenience of a dedicated website. In addition to being accurate and up to date, the gallery database of such sites is much more comprehensive. Those who wish to adorn their houses in unique way can purchase  art  online from such sites. This is one area where the online  art  sites have an advantage over the traditional  art  galleries. Aspiring artists who have failed to find a buyer the conventional way can also become a member of these websites. Although this includes a premium, they have a better chance of finding a buyer online than offline.

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