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Fedex is known as the fastest name in shipping and has been in business since 1971 and was started by Fred Smith with 95 million dollars, most of which was borrowed. Started in Little Rock Arkansas and now based in Memphis, Tennessee they are the nation’s largest next day delivery service.

Originally know nationally as Federal Express, it took 5 years for the company to become a profitable entity and at one time Mr. Smith actually had to win money at the gaming tables in Las Vegas to keep the company a float.

The then known Federal Express bought several different companies along the way with Gelco Express International and Flying Tigers the most recognized acquisitions and has benefited by problems with competing entities that have had labor issues over the years.

With a service area of over 220 countries and more than 140,000 employees Fedex moves over 3.3 million packages on a daily basis. The famous ground fleet alone numbers about 44,000 vehicles and it is reported that there are over 1000 planes as well.

Fedex now offers employment opportunities in many different markets with both part time and full time positions. The average consumer sees “The Fedex Man” but there are jobs in customer service, package handling, management, airline pilots… the list is almost endless.

One of the nice things about working for Fedex are the benefit packages available. Fedex offers employees the following:

o Healthcare- Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drugs, Wellness Programs

o Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment & Survivor Income Benefit

o Disability / Income Protection

o Business Travel Accident Insurance

o Pension and 401(k) Savings Plan

o Employee Assistance & Referral Programs

o Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

o Employee Stock Purchase Plan

o Credit Association

o Educational Assistance

o Paid Time Off

The reputation Fedex has in treating it’s employees is very good and has been know to be a good company to work for in up and bad economic times. For that reason, turnover is low and because it is a company that is strong and stable wages are very good.

Fedex offers opportunities for those with good work ethics and almost always have available openings because of their constant growth.

There are many opportunities and different positions available to people with good work ethics and there are opportunities inside the Fedex family where one could be considered self employed as well as many of the ground routes are individuals that wanted to be a part of a large organization but wanted the freedom of self employment.

Source by Will Stone

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