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The long wait is over for Canadians. Satellite radio is finally here at long last. Canadian Satellite Radio is officially available since November 2005. The CRTC (Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission) finally came to an agreement that will change the landscape of Canadian radio from here forward.

XM satellite radio was the first provider to be licensed in Canada by the CRTC. They signed a six-year deal to provide the service across the airwaves to Canadians. You can rest assured that with the initial success this agreement will be renewed when it comes due. An interesting point to be made, once the agreement with the CRTC had been signed several of the car manufacturers in Canada inked deals to provide satellite ready units in their cars.

As Canadians we’ve heard about the satellite radio rush that was happening in the US. Because of this Canadians have long awaited the arrival of such a service. Like their US counterparts, Canadian Satellite Radio customers are able to subscribe to a wide array of broadcasts including   news ,  entertainment , sports, comedy, and about any music genre you can think of.

So what is Canadian Satellite radio going to cost you? Subscribers will be required to pay a monthly fee the same as US customers. This fee will give users access to all the content available. To be able to receive the signal you will need satellite radio receiver. The receiver is the actual radio/device that will play or receive the signal.

One of the biggest benefits to potential Canadian Satellite Radio subscribers is the service is highly affordable! For less then the cost of most Internet services per month you can enjoy access to all of the non-stop music and  entertainment  available. XM radio will also be offering advertisers a new channel to get their message to the masses. With small spots of advertising available on several of the all talk channels businesses will be able to tap into the growing pool of Satellite radio subscribers.

So on a whole what does Canadian Satellite Radio really mean to the country? More great  news , music and  entertainment  for subscribers, advertisers will be offered a benefit of more airtime to get their messages out. Consumer electronics stores will have a new product line with multiple brands to sell, as well as a new installation revenue stream for Satellite car radio units. Of course it is the subscriber that will have the biggest benefit, but all looks bright to benefit both  entertainment  and commerce in the coming years for Canadian Satellite Radio.

Source by Ian Henman

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