Finance Braces In Four Different Ways


Here’s How You Can Finance Your Braces

Have you noticed that your teeth are slightly crooked and not aligned? Are you trying to figure out whether you should take the plunge and have braces fixed, but cannot decide because of your limited budget?

Advantages Of Braces

If you feel like you can do without them, here are some reasons that may change your mind:

1. Straight teeth allow for you to chew and bite more effectively.

2. Straight teeth are easier to clean as your toothbrush is able to reach each area in your mouth. With crooked teeth, some areas may be hard to reach, leading to a breeding ground for bacteria.

3. Crooked teeth make it easier for you to accidentally bite on yourself, which gives an opportunity for bacteria to enter your blood.

How To Pay For Braces

If you are convinced to get braces but are still do not know how to pay for them, below are some options that you will find useful.

1. Insurance. This is by far the most common means to pay for braces. However, it not all insurance covers cater for this dental procedure as most consider it purely cosmetic. Having the right insurance plan can help in reducing the cost significantly. When you choose a health insurance cover, you need to have one that covers orthodontists. This can help in bringing the cost down by half of what you would have paid.

2. Discount dental program. Did you know that there are discount programs you could join that cater specifically for your dental needs? What’s more is that you can find most of them across the country. These plans will require you to pay at least $20 every month. By making use of these programs, you will be able to slash the cost of your braces by 20%. Additionally, you get to choose an establishment to your liking.

3. Payment plan. Luckily, there are some orthodontists that will allow you to set up a dental plan to help you pay for your braces in case you do not have an insurance cover. It is up to the orthodontist to determine how much money you need to pay as a down payment, and how much you will be required to pay in installments. Others give you the option for saving up for the treatment and going back to see them once you have the full amount. Still others will allow you to be treated as you continue paying in monthly installments.

4. Dental charities. If you are a low-income family with no means to come up with the funds required to have braces installed, then you may qualify for a dental charity. Each charity has its own specific guidelines, with most requiring you to pay a certain amount of money that is within your means to pay. In some special cases, to the discretion of the charity, some patients may even receive the treatment for free.

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