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How Do You Set-Up Tracking For Email Links?

The primary elements to track in each of your email messages are: 1) Call-to-action buttons and 2) links back to your website. Each of these have a specific link that you can tag with an identifier that you can recognize in your website tracking software. For example, if you have a link to your landing page that looks like this:

You can change the link to this:

By adding this specific tracking code “?email1” you will be able to easily identify and track your links within your website tracking program.

Also, review the options provided by your email service provider. Almost all of the popular programs provide easy ways for you to tag and track links within your email messages.

What Should You Measure?

In addition to the links within the email, you should also track “activities”. These activities include:

· Number of Emails Opened

· Number of Clicks

· Number of Bounces

· Total Number of emails sent.

· Unsubscribe rate and Complaints

These “metrics” allow you to quickly review the performance of your email campaign and quickly spot any red flags. If you are just starting your email marketing, make sure that your email provider allows you to quickly and easily track these important measurements.

What to Look For

Once you have tagged your links and are regularly receiving performance information, you can start optimizing the performance of your program. Here are some quick pointers:

Unsubscribe Rate Too High?

This indicates that your email content isn’t relevant to your readers or your readers aren’t familiar with you. The latter occurs if you infrequently email your list.

Emails Opened Low?

This means that your subject lines are compelling or worse your emails are ending up in the spam folder. First review your email subject lines to make sure that they clearly express a benefit and are relevant to the reader

Bounce Rate Too High?

A high bounce rate points to a large number of invalid email addresses. This is usually a symptom of gathering opt-ins from low-quality traffic sources or not staying in frequent contact with your list.

Next Steps

As I mentioned, an email program is a powerful way to interact with your list of prospects. Experience has shown that the best ROI usually comes from a well-managed email list. Implement the steps you learned here to keep your list healthy and profitable for years to come.

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