Financial Success – How This Habit Attracts Wealth


Arriving on time is a good habit. Now try arriving Early to work and play. You’ll see how wealth-enhancing this habit can be.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend at the salon and got some advice about tardiness that jolted me from my pillow.

When I told her that a person working for us was chronically 10 minutes late, she was shocked. She said that she could never work with anybody who’s habit it was to arrive late.

Then she added, “when somebody makes a habit out of being late, they are showing disrespect to you and their work.”

She was right.

I don’t want to be at the receiving end of a bad habit. I don’t want to put up with and thereby give a blessing to a bad habit. Bad habits pile up into a heap of wealth-dissipating actions.

Two days ago I woke up much earlier than usual after an early night. I went about my morning routine relaxed and happy. I noticed how the rest of that day was colored by the energy of my productive morning.

Then I put two and two together.

When you show up to your work early, you’re way ahead of the game. Whether you work at home or at another location, arriving to your desk early empowers you with a relaxed confidence that infuses your whole day. Once you try it you’ll see what I mean. If you have to get to bed a little sooner in order to rise and shine and go about your day in an unhurried manner, then so be it. I applaud you.

If you’re tardy, you’re lazy. Tardiness is disrespectful. And disrespect for life is like living in a wastebasket with wasted ideas. Your creativity is stopped, your good idea is ignored and your wallet and life are running on empty.

Just think for a moment. If you make a point of arriving for any task or appointment with plenty of time to spare, you won’t be rushing. No need to take time out to call and say, “I’m running late.” You don’t ever want to run for anything or anybody. Running late puts a stressful spin on your day. And stress is the Big energy drainer. You see where this is going.

So, prepare your day, plan your daily tasks well, and allow for money to flow into your life. Good ideas make money. Good ideas flow to people with good habits. Good habits allow for your creativity to be expressed. The more energy you creatively express, the more money, a symbol of that energy, comes into your life.

Of course, running on over to is the Big exception to the “no running” rule. Make use of your powerful brain cells, and brace yourself for a life-enhancing read.

Source by Tania Gabrielle French

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