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 Art  can be rightly described as the “expression of the appealing according to aesthetic principles”. The word ‘fine’ attached with ‘ art ‘ does no wonders to denote the remarkable quality, but it redefines the purity in the institution of  art ! Over the years of its study and experimentation, fine  arts  has been personified as ‘visual  art  forms’ that include painting, sculpture, architecture and print making. This implies, rightly, that this discipline tends to exclude  art  forms classified as craft-work or applied  art  (example, textiles). A synonym for what we describe herein can be ‘visual  art ‘.

The pen shows it might and is recognized as novels, and other acclaimed forms of literature, but what of the brush that paints, and perhaps colors with its crisscross lines says much more than words could ever express? Such forms go down into the history as fine  arts . Picasso of Spanish origin and M.F.Hussain an Indian inhabitant, both are highly acclaimed names in this field. The beginners in this field idolize them.

Fine  arts  seeks no age, it only breeds a thought that needs a vent. A child learning to paint does not care about what others might say about what he paints, such is the essence of fine  arts . A person of any age or sex or religion can indulge into the extravaganza of feelings and then find a new way, into self exploration, who knows that simple mixing of colors might give him the fame of a lifetime, or even better if the palette can satisfy the excited soul!!!

Fine  art  is further categorized into Architecture, Ceramics, Dance, Drawing, Film, Fine  art  photography, Furniture, Intermedia (interdisciplinary, traditionally referred to as Fine  Art  Media), Literature, Music & Opera, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles and Theatre. Classifying  art  does not mean that unbreakable walls have been created around it, suffocating it to fatality. Categorizing is only done so as to create tables for each one of these because rapidly multiplying contributions in them.

The idea of fine  art  is expression, whatever form, whichever medium, whoever artist!! It underlines the fact the every creation is a masterpiece, every creator is an aficionado, and every medium is the most apt one!

So, let’s be the aficionado and create a masterpiece that reflects our soul and its comprehension!

Fine  art  can be taken up like a religion, where each day, you make your contribution by offering something to your God, good or bad, you do not know, but it is the best that you can offer, so offer it!

Source by Tarang Bhargava

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