Five Reasons to Visit Hollywood Studios


 Hollywood  Studios is those one of a kind theme parks that Disney World has to offer. It is for the movie buffs dream and of course for those who are aspiring to be film makers. Of course it is open to anyone who wants to visit this theme park and here are some of the perfect reasons why you should visit this theme park:

Stunt Shows Galore – From Indiana Jones to Lights Motor Action, the movie magic is all at this stunt shows. You can find that these stunt men and the people behind it provide some of the most hard core scenes that you would never imagined that would happen. The jumps, fight scenes, thrills and explosions have been well choreographed properly to provide the audience with something they would remember.

Unleash the Jedi in You – The Star Wars Training Academy and Star Tours provide the excitement of the fantastic star wars franchise. You feel your going through the training academy that they too can be a Jedi on their own with their sword fighting skills. The Star tours of course gives you a feel as well on the action of flying in with some of the aircraft used.

It’s all about the Movies – Your jaws would drop on the biggest movie and television memorabilia you could ever imagine. From the Movie tour ride and some exhibits from the The American Film Institute and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza. Of course an added bonus is the studio back lot tour where you can find more props and special effects that you could ever imagine.

A High Speed Limousine Roller Coaster and a Tower of Terror – It’s not all about he tours and the slow moving rides. They also offer some adrenaline pumping rides that you would surely not miss. A crazy elevator ride and a limousine roller coaster would surely put you on your seat as it would unleash the dangerous side in you.

American Idol Experience – For those frustrated singers and aspiring pop stars, this is your chance to shine and maybe be a discovered talent. It’s like your thirty minutes of fame and who knows you can be discovered too.

Source by Jeffrey Montgomery Beck

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