Forex MegaDroid Settings – Getting the Most From Your MegaDroid Robot


We have always felt that the Forex MegaDroid settings have been one of its best selling points. This is due to the fact that there are actually very few to adjust. Many trading robots are simple stuffed with too many settings. This often results in traders spending countless hours adjusting and tweaking the settings in an effort to get the best out of their robot. This however leads to two problems.

Firstly the time investment. Surely if you are paying for a system it should to some degree, just work out of the box? Secondly during this ‘experimental period’ losses can mount up.

Forex MegaDroid stands out from the crowd of automated robots currently available to Forex traders. This is not only because of simple installation but also due to the consistency of its results.

The robot is billed as having over a 95.82% level of accuracy in its trading. This is something of a bold claim but one that seems to have been validated on several independent tests. These figures are based on the standard ‘out of the box’ settings supplied in the software’s accompanying manual.

Although the settings of Forex MegaDroid work well out of the box on default, many traders have criticised its selective and in some cases infrequent trading. Indeed while the robot performs well in using it’s patented RCTPA (Reverse Correlated Time Price Analysis) many traders would like to see it employ this technology a little more frequently.

So with limited settings to change and the EA locked to the EURUSD pair, is there any way that the Forex MegaDroid setup can be coaxed into trading more frequently? Well the answer is yes there is. It’s actually such a simple and quick way it’s almost idiot proof. And unlike some of the modifications that have been made available more recently, it does not require any non standard modified code to be installed. In fact it requires no modification to the original EA at all.

The question of course is do you actually want to interfere with the standard Forex MegaDroid settings, when several verified tests have showed the robot performing so well at default?

Source by Vernon L Lees

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