Formal Gothic Dresses


This is the kind of dresses everyone loves to wear and it brings out your best. Goth as we all know takes us back to a different period of time and makes a very bold impression on people. Formal gothic dresses look good on men and women both.

Formal gothic dresses can be short and long both and can be worn on any formal occasion.

Formal gothic dresses for men are made of brocade and sometimes satin too. A habatoi silk cravat shirt with gathered sleeves and elegant cuffs make amazing formal Gothic dress for men. Traditional formal Gothic brocade trousers are the most liked by all hot men all over the years. These trousers are made out of brocade, high waist, studs on the fly and bottom of legs to make it comfortable for the feet to slide in give a very sleek and elegant look to this traditional formal Gothic dress.

A black satin shirt with long sleeves and Gothic cuff links give a very formal Gothic dress look to the man. They can double it with a sleek trouser for a complete formal Gothic look. Now lets go to the women and explore their world.

Formal Gothic dresses are worn by women as eveningwear, prom dresses, formal gowns, and weddings too. Many people are enjoying the Gothic culture be it men or women or children. A Gothic boned satin corset gown in chiffon layers can make an excellent formal Gothic dress. You can add ribbons to it and make bows out of black satin to compliment the blood red chiffon layers and can add a few Gothic symbols also.

A black corset gown with lace layers in black georgette gives a formal Gothic dress an elegant and sophisticated look, which can be complimented by a neckpiece from a traditional Gothic collection of ornaments.

A lot of information and products are available on the internet and in the market so a survey for formal Gothic dresses is required to be done before the occasion.

For an evening wear a black velvet gown with red satin roses and bows with Victorian neck lines make a formal Gothic dress for a perfect evening which will make you shine and glow. For a full Gothic look get your hair crimped and give added tinge of color to the ends. A lot of colors will spoil the formal Gothic dress look and will make you funky. So avoid using lots of colors in cloths as well as on your hair.

For a wedding you can wear a white satin or chiffon corset and long flowing layers of chiffon and to complete the formal Gothic dress add some lace in silver. For another elegant look a peaked collar down with long puff sleeves and slits on the sides till the knee will give an amazing formal Gothic dress look.

When we think Gothic we think of skulls, colored hairs, spikes, chains, piercing all over, dark colors, long hair, charcoal black eyes, thick make up with bold colors which is very beautiful and unique as it conveys a message that one is willing to be Gothic in spite of all the difficulties and persecution and formal Gothic dresses make your conviction even stronger and make you a better person and make you look gorgeous and handsome too.

Source by Christopher Schwebius

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