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There are a lot of things that happen at Fort Lauderdale that makes news, like the Air and Sea Show, Beachfest, the Fourth of July celebrations, Oceanfest, Greater Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and numerous other festivals and special events.

Fort Lauderdale’s newspapers, in both English and Spanish, provide news about these events. These newspapers cater to the mixed population of American, Latin, Mexican and Hispanic origin in Fort Lauderdale. Like newspapers from any other city, Fort Lauderdale newspapers too cover a variety of issues like business, travel, politics, sports, local events, culture, etc.

Fort Lauderdale is served by two English newspapers- the South Florida Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald.

The Sun Sentinel, owned by Tribune Publishing (one of the giants in the publishing world) is Fort Lauderdale’s primary newspaper with over a million subscribers. Focusing mainly on local issues, Sun Sentinel offers great coverage of all the happenings in Fort Lauderdale. It covers issues like politics, travel, business, sports, weather and all issues that affect the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County.

The Miami Herald’s primary market is South Florida (Dade, Broward and Monroe counties). The Miami Herald serves South Florida’s multi-ethnic population with special focus on the American continent, tourism, international trade and commerce. It has over a million readers daily.

Fort Lauderdale is also served by two Spanish language newspapers – El Sentinel and El Heraldo.

El Sentinel is the name used by two Spanish language newspapers in Florida. El Sentinel del Sur de la Florida published in Fort Lauderdale, is a weekly Spanish-language newspaper. It is a Sun-Sentinel Company publication. El Sentinel (Orlando) is a weekly newspaper based in Orlando. This newspaper serves the Central Florida region

El Heraldo is a newspaper in Spanish mainly targeting Latin, Mexican and Hispanic readers. It covers the general news and happenings in the Fort Lauderdale area.

The newspaper also provides links to local news, entertainment, politics and business, education, web links, recommendations and web links to various other specific areas of interest.

There is also the South Florida Business Journal which covers general business news in Fort Lauderdale. City Link is another newspaper in Fort Lauderdale covering local events, entertainment and the youth culture. Another newspaper in Fort Lauderdale is Fort Lauderdale News.

Fort Lauderdale newspapers provide enough information to stay in touch with the happenings locally and from around the world. Almost all the newspapers in Fort Lauderdale have websites too. This allows people to access news from anywhere in the world and know what is happening in Fort Lauderdale, be it politics, weather, sports or just about anything.

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