Forthcoming Movies Can Expect Fireworks!


Everyone had predicted that 2010 will be a year when   Bollywood  will rise to shine with colossal forthcoming releases like Veer, Rajneeti, Rann, Kites, My Name is Khan, Housefull, Ravaana, Delhi Belly and Golmaal 3 etc. Though most of the movies have not released yet but almost all of them are known to movie buffs.

These movies have already made a buzz all around even before they came into being. The fact that these movies are known to people is because these movies aren’t just any movies but these are some of most hyped and big budgeted movies of the year 2010.

Talking about forthcoming and upcoming movies of  Bollywood , the  Bollywood  calendar goes like this.

Veer has already released and is making a buzz around thanks to the overwhelming popularity of Salman Khan. It’s doing a fantabulous job at all the single screens. Next will be seen is Ishqiya, Rann and Road to Sangam on the 29th of January. 3 big movies which are poles apart from each other will hit the theatres next week. It will be interesting to see where and what the public is interested in seeing. February can be called the movie-month. More than 10 movies are slated to release in the month of February. On the top of the food chain is My Name Is Khan.This movie can arguably be said that it will take over the month of February. My Name is Khan is a forthcoming  Bollywood  flick which stars  Bollywood  biggies like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. People from all over the world can now quench their thirst as they will get to see this historic onscreen couple one more time. The other biggies which will rock this month of the year are movies like Teen Patti and Karthik Calling Karthik. More forthcoming movies like Striker, Hide & Seek, Toh Baat Pakki etc are set to release this Feb.

 Bollywood  has a lot in store for this 2010. As January and February would be All’s Well for  Bollywood . What happens in the month of March? In March  Bollywood  faces its biggest rival….Any guesses? No, its not Hollywood but it’s the IPL (Indian Premier League)

The IPL kick starts this March, and though cricket and  Bollywood  have no connection but IPL is no less entertainment than  Bollywood . Even before IPL has proved to be a potential threat to  Bollywood  and has hampered the film industry. The first match commences from March 12th which is in Hyderabad. So there is a fair chance that many big banner movies which are slated to release during the IPL course will change its release date and keep it after the IPL.

But one thing is for sure, be it the IPL or  Bollywood , what we all can expect in days to come is sheer ENTERTAINMENT.  Bollywood’s  forthcoming movies will face competition from The Indian Premier League or can it prove to be the opposite and may be for a change this  Bollywood  will become a potential threat to Cricket! Well, this March there is plenty of action from both the cricketing world and the  Bollywood  film fraternity. All we can expect is fireworks!

Source by Srinjan Bhowmick

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