Fortunetellers at Parties – Hollywood Stereotypes Vs Reality


Some party clients request that a reader come in “costume,” that is dressed in something that makes her look other-worldly or gypsy-ish, complete with candles, flowy skirt, heavy jewelry, crystal ball, and the whole nine yards.

In other words, they are looking for the experience of a ‘gypsy fortuneteller.’

But it may come as a surprise to you that legitimate metaphysical practitioners NEVER dress as gypsies unless they are performing as party entertainers and, outside of a party setting, I’ve never heard any refer to themselves as ‘fortunetellers.’ If you came to their offices as a client you would see a setting that looks like the office of any therapist or a coach.

It came as a surprise to one client of mine, a producer who was looking for a fortuneteller’s office to produce a TV commercial. He was looking for the stereotypical old woman dressed as a gypsy in a room draped with heavy curtains and festooned with stars sitting around a small round table with a crystal ball. I could not refer him to any of my readers – their offices do not even remotely look like the  Hollywood  set he had in mind.

The boardwalk ‘gypsy’ storefronts are another matter–many are scams.

In fact, because no legitimate professional wants to be associated with those operations and they so dislike the baggage associated with the stereotype, many professional readers or metaphysical practitioners will either refuse to wear a fortunetelling costume or pass on party work altogether.

They work hard to be and be seen as the professionals they are and they find the ‘fortune teller’ image a hindrance to their ability to be taken seriously by the public.

Another argument against the fortuneteller costume is that guests that are shy or nervous relate better to a reader dressed as a civilian, particularly at a house party or smaller event.

Nonetheless, party-goers are looking for an experience to transport them out of their everyday world. When the event planner has worked hard to create a truly magical atmosphere, or when it is Halloween and everyone is in costume, playing the fortuneteller role is akin to playing a character in a theatrical production.

Source by Ellen Zucker

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