Four Best Singers of Bollywood


Songs in  bollywood  movies are a custom that has been followed in India. This is a factor that sets apart Indian movies from that of Hollywood movies. There have been a few extraordinary singers in the Hindi film industry.

• Asha Bhosle- she is a Marathi signer who was born in the year 1933. She started her singing career in the year 1943 and has sung for as many as 1000  bollywood  movies. She is awarded the best playback singer for many of her songs. She has had music contracts with many of the music directors like R.D. Burman and S.D. Burman, AR Rehman, and other such famous directors.

• Lata Mangeshkar- she is the elder sister of Asha Bhosle, but, she had a diverse music career with even music direction on the cards. Her music direction in a few  bollywood  movies which had tremendous response. She too has an exceptional career like her sibling.

• Mohammad Rafi- he is the singer who reined  bollywood  for 4 decades. He has given some mesmerizing tracks to the industry and is still cherished in the memory of his fans. His fan base is still growing with the new generations listening to his songs. He as received 5 national awards for his work in the field of music. He was also an accomplished music director.

• Kishore Kumar- like Rafi, Kishore too was one of the finest singers who sang for, as well as acted in  bollywood  movies. There was no role that he did not play in the film industry and in short, he can be called an all-rounder in the industry. He has won the most number of awards in the category of the best playback singer in the Filmfare Awards. The singer has sang songs for almost all the actors of that time.

Source by Jessica N King

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