Four Noble Knight Fancy Dress Ideas


The noble knight is a great character to become at any fancy dress party – great fun because not only do you dress up in one of the best costumes there, and get to wield a sword. But you can also act out the character in all your medieval nobility and arrogance.

But knight fancy dress costumes are not the easiest to make yourself, as they really require a sword and lots of armour. Unless this is the sort of thing you have lying around your house, it might be worth popping down to your local costume store to rummage around and see what they have. Here are five great knight fancy dress ideas, which should give you some ideas to go on:

1. Medieval Knight

The medieval knight was one of the toughest of the lot. You can really kit out with this fellow – the key here is the more armour the better. Chainmail shoulder and head piece is ideal, chainmail arms and gloves even better. And if you can get some armour-style boots you have it really going on.

A sword is of course a must, and an aggressive attitude, medieval knights were not the most charming of fellows but most accounts. And finally a tunic of some sort, bound with a belt.

2. Noble Knight

Here we are thinking of the king of knights – one of the knights of the round table. A force for good in the world. More civilised but a deadly fighter nonetheless.

Plenty of chainmail covering the body, arms and legs is a great way to start, and the defining image of the noble knight is really a family crest or emblem imprinted on your tunic. Something majestic looking. With a great sword, preferably with an overly decorative hilt.

3. Crusader Knight

Ah, the crusader night. A religious fanatic and killing machine combined. Think Richard the Lionheart here – a huge cross across the tunic is very important. With Richard the Lionheart’s black lion on a red background for extra drama.

The chainmail and huge sword are of course a must, as with them all.

4. Dark Knight

The dark knight is the nemesis of the noble knight – fighting for himself and power alone. Black is the key to this costume – black chainmail, cloak, robe, tunic and some sort of rather sinister looking family crest will finish the image off nicely. You don’t want anyone under any doubt that you are an evil knight. Not to be trifled with.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun becoming a knight for the night. And one of the most dramatic and noticeable costumes you can get!

Source by Rachael S Thompson

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