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Many people choose to or want to choose the free route when it comes to computer security. This can be tricky though because the market for free and commercial security applications is enormous. Achieving effective security for free is possible, and a good free anti virus program is the biggest contributor.

The marks of a good anti-virus program are

a) High detection rate

b) Low false detection rates

c) Low demand on system resources

d) Simple to use

Based on these factors, I have looked at many free anti virus programs, and the following 3 antiviruses are clearly the best 3 anti-virus programs available:

#1 Best Free Antivirus: Avira AntiVir Personal

Avira Antivir has the highest detection rate and lowest demand on your computer of all of the free anti virus programs. In fact, AntiVir regularly outperforms many commercial anti virus programs. Make sure you keep it updated, and be cautious because it does not support antispyware.

#2 Best Free Antivirus: Avast! Home Edition

Avast! includes support against spyware, rootkits, and other threats in addition to viruses. It also has fantastic detection rates, but takes a little more of a toll on your system’s resources then Avira.

#3 Best Free Antivirus: AVG Anti-virus Free Edition

AVG has a slightly lower detection rate than the other two anti-virus programs, and is more demanding on your system. It does support antispyware (like Avast!), and requires very little maintenance as it can update itself. AVG is a great solution for the individual who is less tech savvy.

These three anti virus programs comprise the best free antivirus solutions on the market. To complete your security solution, back one of them up with a trusted anti spyware program. With this under your belt, you are well on the way to free, effective computer security.

Source by Nick Dimon

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