Free Ideas For Naming a Business – Learn How With Free Easy Tips


Choosing a good name for your business can have a tremendous effect on its success or failure. These free ideas for naming a business will help you find a name that is relevant to what you do, and not limiting any future expansion.

Use a Name that Describes your Business

If your name is descriptive, it is an advertisement on its own. I.e., Gardner Manufacturing does not indicate what type of business it is; but if the name was Gardner Plastic Manufacturing, you would know that the company manufactures products out of plastic.

You will want to leave your name flexible enough that you can diversify in the future. I.e., if you used a name called Campbell Stationery, and then down the road decided to start selling office furnishings, your name will not reflect that expansion. However, if you called the business Campbell Office Supplies, you would be free to branch out in any direction relating to office supplies and equipment.

You can also pick a name that will attract potential customers above your competition. I.e., if your name is Campbell Office Supplies, and our competitors name is Anderson Office Supplies, what could you do to make your name stand out ahead of theirs? You could add an adjective to your name and call your business, Campbell Discount Office Supplies.

Use a Thesaurus and Get Creative

More free ideas for naming a business include using literary tools and tricks to make your name memorable. You want your name to be professional, yet catchy. Start with a main key word needed in your name and look for alternatives to that name using a Thesaurus. If you are starting a dog grooming business, you could incorporate names such as, pooch, canine, mutt, etc.

You could combine the names to come up with a catchy name, such as, Clip & Clean Canines. This example also shows the use of alliteration, which is using the same sound at the beginning of each word. You could also use rhyming words, if applicable.

Create 2 to 3 Name Alternatives

Another free idea for naming a business is to search the name on the internet, to see if it shows up on the search engines. I also recommend running your ideas past friends, relatives, or business mentors to get their opinion. Once you have narrowed your final choices down to 2 or 3 names, you are ready to register your final selection at your local registries office or online registry service.

Picking your name is your first step of many as you prepare to start your own business. Now you need learn how to promote your business.

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