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Internet calls rule the communication industry.

If you are really fed up and have started dreading the huge cost incurred on international calls here is good news for you. Technology advancement has come to the rescue of the telephone user by way of free Internet calls. For this you require a computer with a sound card, recording facility, speaker and microphone. Now the voice input and output medium is ready. The next thing required is the transmission mode for which you require an Internet connection. The other only thing required is that your computer should be made compatible for Internet calls. For this all that you need to do is simply download and install the relevant VOIP service software.

Now that your computer has turned literally into a telephonic medium, you can also make international calls. The process in which your voice is carried is quite simple. When you speak through the microphone your voice gets converted into different packets that are transmitted through the Internet. When it reaches its destination, depending upon the device used at the other end it is either directly delivered as Internet packets (if it is a PC to PC call) or converted into analog codes in case of PC to Phone Calls.

The greatest benefit is that you can make cheap international calls and free Internet calls. They are so simple and easy to use that you need not require any technical knowledge, just the basic operating process would suffice. Through the Internet you can make calls anywhere in the world, either to a similar type of device i.e. a computer with Internet or even to a traditional telephone or mobile. The voice transmission is much faster in Internet calls compared to its traditional counterpart and this would be significantly felt in case of International calls where the voice reaches after a short delay. Consider using mobile VOIP for added convenience.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that has revolutionised the industry allowing people to make international calls free of charge. As the word conveys, it is transmitting your voice through the Internet protocol instead of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). IP phone, mobile and integrated VoIP and software VoIP are the different tools of VoIP that are in use today. Software VoIP applications has gained huge popularity lately after the recent recession when everybody is trying to cut costs.

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