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Free iPod Movie Downloads! Is this really true and how can you get free iPod music and movie downloads. To answer the question short. Well Yes, you can download free iPod music and movies without paying each time you want to download a song or movie. With many alternative iPod downloads site on the net today gone are the day you will have to spend hundreds of dollars a month with your credit card in order to keep up to date with your favorite music and movies even tv show. But before talking about our present situation with many ipod alternative sites. Let me give you a little personal experience in the days of old we both you and I had to use only (mainly) iTunes for our iPod media.

You see being a big movie fan I would download most of the newly released DVD iPod movies immediately after it got into the iTunes stores. When I downloaded iPod movies from Disney, MGM, Lionsgate Paramount, you name it, I was billed about $12.99 per download. I think these days you can get some cheaper like $9.99 which is still pretty expensive in my opinion. When I downloaded from the classic library titles, iTunes charged $9.99 – $14.99. Then there was the music in between there may be about 20 songs per week at 99cents. By the end of the month, I was shocked when I received a huge credit card bill just the sake of entertainment, I totally ruined myself which is no doubt one of the biggest mistake I have ever made. What happened next was that I was really thinking to stop using my iPod but I did not but I sure did not use it as often as I used to before my big credit card bill.

Then I found my solution: By browsing the Internet casually, I came to know about some services that provided free iPod downloads. Surprisingly they even have a large database of iPod movies and music. So I thought I should do some basic research before I download anything on my computer.

Here is what I found: The free iPod downloads was not completely free. These services charged a one time membership fee of less than $45 and provide an unlimited access to free iPod downloads. So you get unlimited access to free iPod music, free iPod movies, free iPod games, free iPod music videos, free iPod photos, free iPod TV shows, free iPod software downloads, free iPod video converter – all for a one time membership.

Though I was satisfied, I still had some doubts in my mind, so I decided to check on the legality and safety of these free iPod downloads and realized that the download site fully obeys all the copyright laws and is 100% legal. Moreover the free iPod downloads are safe and secured with no spyware and adware as this protection is part of the download service. On an average, it took 40 minutes to download a movie on my iPod. Not to speak about the iPod songs and music, it was downloaded within five minute or less. The download service even provided a satisfaction guarantee program, so I was fully satisfied as I don’t have anything to lose except some hard disk space.

One of the very high points about these iPod download sites is the vast amount of media that can be found on the network. Thanks to the big network, I could download all my favorite movie stuff – action, suspense, classical, romance, and adult, horror, science fiction, documentaries, and even new releases such as iPod movies that I downloaded recently include: National Treasure, Hit Man, Mean Girls, and Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical II, I Am Legend, The Signal and Teeth. There are great list of music too.

I’m grateful to sites who have dedicated the time to providing such services because without it I could never downloaded all my favorite movies and music at free of cost. I would highly recommend free iPod movie and music downloads site that is reliable, fast and secured. The two which I have joined to conduct this review article and would safely recommend is iPodmediadownload [] and iPodtunesdownloads [] for all free iPod downloads that are must have for any ipod, iphone or ipod touch user.

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