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To understand what goes into writing a movie script, one must look through scripts of movies and even television shows. This exercise will throw light on how ideas can be translated effectively into a powerful script. Nowadays, it is very easy for one to gain access to the scripts of many movies, both old and new. Many libraries have an extensive database of old as well as new movie scripts available to those who are interested in looking through them. These are usually available free of charge. One can also join cinema clubs, which are quite common in many cities, where one can get access to the club’s collection of scripts. These can give a fairly good idea on how a movie script is written, to those keen on pursuing scriptwriting as a career. This exercise will enable the prospective scriptwriters to study the technical aspects of script writing. Very importantly, it will help the scriptwriter learn the difference between what makes a script a success or not.

A good script undoubtedly has a very important role to play in a film’s success. The advantage of having access to scripts is that it becomes easier for a person to understand the technicalities when he/she has a script in front of him rather than just learning them from a textbook or a tutorial. However, these days, with the increasing dependence on the Internet, one can get access to all movie scripts, both old and new, on the Internet, free of cost.

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