Free the Mind With Abstract Art


When I try to hard at anything I get the exact opposite of what I am aiming for. So when I force  art  it never comes out right. When I start an abstract painting, it helps to say to myself, “This is only a practice painting, only I will ever see it.” This allows me to go into the act without a care in the world. Having a blank canvas and zero expectations is liberating. It allows me to open up and create something new without the criticism we as artists place on ourselves.

Would you believe that it’s hard for some artists to create non-objective abstract  art  because they can’t free their minds enough. Even for myself, my mind naturally wants to take shapes and patterns and begin to put them together to create subject matter. I may start out with an abstract piece but I end up turning it into a landscape. So I end up with something in between. But other times I get a bit lost in the moment and formations unravel themselves naturally. When I am done I look back at what I created to find a very abstract piece of  art .

Creating abstract  art  is really a practice in meditation where you have to free yourself from the distractions of the mind. Have you ever been on the phone and involved in a conversation where hadn’t realize you were doodling the whole time? It sounds silly, but If you ever take a look at people’s doodles you’ll see some very interesting  art . It is almost always abstract, sometimes childish, with natural formations that seems to unfold one into another. Doodling is intuitive. It seems to be connected with the subconscious, very similar to dreaming. And it is this same sort of caught in the moment way of not thinking that creates beautiful abstract  art .

I believe that creating abstract  art  is just another way of freeing the mind and feeling good. Like a dream world, things don’t have to make sense with abstract  art . People will always find their own little ways of meditating and the action of painting is another one of those ways. Let’s face it, a little escape from the chaos of this world is a good thing. It’s good for all of us.

Source by Jaison Cianelli

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