From Good to Great Book Review – Jim Collins


When reading the book Good to Great, the first idea that really stood out to me was the “Hedgehog Concept”. This mostly stood out to me because of the three ideas proposed. However my favorite was the idea that you have to be passionate about what you choose to do. In my college career I was originally going to be an accounting major. I took all the lower division classes and even began my upper division classes. After passing my first upper division class I asked myself is this really what I can see myself doing for the rest of my life? You see just like the ideas in Jim Collins book I was not passionate about this profession.

I decided that I could do accounting, but that if I truly wanted to be happy and accentuate my skills then I better switch to marketing. I learned even more from this book that you have to be passionate about your decisions and jobs you work in. When you are passionate about something you will stand out more in that field then you would had any other field. You will also find that you enjoy work more and that it is not some nine to five job that consumes your life. You will continuously crave improving your job skills and being the best within your specific field. And for these reasons I believe that it is so important to be passionate about your job. It was great to learn more about this, and I thought that it fit hand in hand with the level 5 leader.

In the book it says that a level 5 leader is very humble person with drive and desire to succeed. I loved learning more about this because it fits so well with what I learned from the Hedgehog Concept. If you have that passion for your job you will receive more satisfaction from learning, and becoming the best. As part of the humility I learned that it is important to fortify others. It is important as a leader to be an example and almost be a cheerleader for your team. You should never take away from someone’s accomplishments and always remember your team when you do a good job. The next part that I thought was very important is the quote Great companies adapt and endure.”

Every day I am trying to learn the latest technologies so that I can gain even the slightest edge. This is important for companies because it can be a slight advantage that could push you over the competitor. However more importantly you need that technology advantage to stand out above other employees. I think that a lot of companies fail to maximize their potential because they are afraid to embrace technology. Kodak is a perfect example of this. Kodak cameras were all the rage; they were the biggest in the market pre digital cameras.

They were told many times that soon the market would switch to digital and there would not be as large market for their current film cameras. They of course blew these ideas off, because they were the largest film company. Fast forward to today; Kodak is lost a lot of its market share due to the change in film to digital. If they had adapted and endured and not been afraid of technology think of the market they would control today. I use this example only to illustrate the fact that in my personal life I need to stay on the edge of technology so that I can survive and hopefully control the market I enter.

In conclusion this book has taught me a lot about what it takes to be an effective leader. On top of that I have learned how to make myself more marketable to future employers. I can begin to work on the different traits learned from this book now, so that I can get the jobs I want tomorrow.

Source by Jaxson Smith

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