From Super Star Michael Vick to Convict


Every dog has its day and to animal lovers across the country former Atlanta Falcon’s QB (quarterback) Michael Vick had his. Michael Vick was a college phenomenon who was emulated everywhere by kids in the schoolyard. While attending Virginia   Tech  he set records, won awards and was nominated for the Heisman trophy, an award given to the NCAA’s best football player in a given year. His nomination for the Heisman was an impressive feet considering he was just a freshman. Only Herschel Walker and Adrian Peterson have matched or broken that mark.

His elusiveness allowed him to set great rushing marks for a QB. He finished his college career winning the MVP in the Gator Bowl. With abilities like Vick’s it would not be long the NFL (National Football League) would beckon his skill. Beckon it did as teams salivated at the thought of having this well rounded athlete on their sidelines.

Before even stepping on to the field Vick set a new mark as the Atlanta Falcons made him the first black QB in the league’s history to be selected with the number one pick. In fact Vick was so touted by Atlanta, they traded a handful of other picks just to draft the QB. Vick’s future seemed very promising, as in college he set new marks and became a dynamic duo along with Atlanta running back Warrick Dunn. He made three Pro Bowl (All Star game) appearances and his playoff numbers were tremendous. It seemed like when the Atlanta star took off with the ball nobody could stop him, nobody, but himself.

As April brings showers, it also brought about a list of allegations to the Atlanta star. Vick would be charged with running and financing a dog-fighting ring that ran through numerous states. Other allegations had him betting, torturing and executing the canines. Vick plead guilty to financing and gambling, but was adamant that he never personally harmed any animals. While waiting sentencing Vick was confined to his home for failing a drug test. In the cold of December Vick was convicted and sentenced to 23 months in prison. It was a sentence the hit the Atlanta QB harder than any defense he ever faced in the pros.

No longer Atlanta’s top dog it seems his contract is in void and numerous endorsement deals and engagements have been dropped. He was allegedly forced to sell properties in Florida, Atlanta and Georgia. He’s been named in numerous suits against from banks to business partners; Vick’s finances have and will continue to take a hit.

The magic number “seven” that once ran around the field is now behind bars and the Atlanta Falcons, a team that seemed to be in turmoil not too long ago have righted it’s ship and seem to be headed into the playoffs with new QB Matt Ryan at the helm. Although Michael Vick may play again one day it’s all but certain fans and animal lovers wont let it be in Atlanta.

Source by John Parks

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