Fun High Tech Christmas Gifts – More Than Just A Toy!


Ah, Christmas – what a wonderful time of year, right? Chestnuts roasting, classic films on the television and carol singers bringing joy to the world and his neighbor. However, it can also be a time fraught with stress as you wonder what presents to buy your nearest and dearest. This is especially true if you’re buying for a gadget freak that just has to have the latest toys. But if you look around, you can still find both fun and high tech Christmas gifts, and at great prices too!

Digital Photograph Key chain

Okay, so key chains have lost a little bit of popularity in recent years, but when you see this in action, you’ll surely agree it’s one of the more innovative high tech Christmas gifts around. Small, sleek and compact, it stores up to 50 pictures and is a mere $50.

iPod Touch

Bringing together the best of Apple’s recent iPhone and their award-winning iPod Nano, the new iPod Touch is going to be THE must-have fun high tech Christmas gift this year. Beautiful to look at, and bringing games, Wi-Fi and touch-sensitive control to your fingertips, it starts at just $299 for the 8GB version, with a 16GB model also available.

Targus Sport Deluxe Laptop Backpack

If the person you’re buying for is a fitness freak as well as a gadget lover, then this present is just what you’re looking for. Sturdy enough to protect your laptop yet still functional enough to keep your normal backpack goodies in, it’s a different and fun high tech Christmas gift that won’t break the bank either. Expect to pay around $65.

Biometric Password Manager

Now here’s something for any tech-obsessed gadget lover. Using the same technology normally seen in futuristic sci-fi movies, the biometric password manager stores all your PC passwords, ideal for someone with a computer loaded with software tools. The best news – it works by fingerprint recognition. How cool is that? And all for a criminally cheap $50.

Toshiba RS-TX60 DVR/DVD Recorder with Built-In TiVo

Okay, so this is one of the more expensive high tech Christmas gifts listed here, but if your loved one is into his or her tech toys, they will not want to miss out on this. With the excellent TiVo software built-in, as well as a DVD burner and the option to record up to 160 of TV onto the hard drive, this is the home entertainment lover’s ideal gift.

Nintendo Wii

You’ve seen the adverts about this, but you just can’t appreciate how fun and well-designed Nintendo’s new console is until you play it yourself. With the software library the Japanese giant is famous for, and the ability to play golf like you’re really on the course, or bowl just like you would down the local alley, this is the success story of 2007. It’s also probably the most fun high tech gift for Christmas you’ll get anywhere.

Source by Robin Boddy

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