Funny Uses For a Golf Club


This article seeks to make fun of the humble Golf club as some players have taken to using the Golf club as a weapon of death and destruction. It should not be taken seriously and is intended to offer uses for frustrated golf players.

With golf catching on in high schools, inner cities, and the family based mini putt, all over the United States the time has come to appreciate the game of Golf.

At the same time, many players (and maybe the wives of players) struggle with the skill and understanding, needed to master this game. It can become a passion that is testing to the impatient. Lets look at other, lesser-known uses for the Golf clubs:

The Home Security Device

The muscles used for swinging a golf club could be used to act as defense against home invasion, however keeping mind, that you may do more damage to your own belongings and yourself, rather than the intruder. Not recommended for those with fitted ceiling fans.

Children’s toys

Imaging if you have children that have become board with the high tech video games. These are the same games that create a little moving, couch-based life. Give them a Golf club each and many over ripe oranges and you have a source of free entertainment. On the side of caution, this idea would most likely be applied by a father, and could result in mess to clean up afterwards and possibly a screaming wife. Also should only be done outside.

Cat Teaching

If you have even owned a cat, you will know that at times, they like to please the owner be showing how they are a great hunter. This results in the loud meow and the discovery of a dead bird or mouse. In most cases, this would need the owner to handle the almost dead creature. Never again, now take that, Golf club and send the dying creature to its next life- by airmail!

Need the exercise- but can’t afford Gym fees?

A golf club would also make an inexpensive weed wacker for your lawn and the process of removing weeds with your golf club can also act as your exercise for the day. It all rolls together into one nice little package if you really let your mind go. At the same time a firm Grip would be needed on the club.

House Maintenance

You can use it to remove that nasty hornet’s nest from under your roof although you may want to wear long sleeves for that. It can also be handy at removing icicles from your roof as well but this requires some caution if moving above the ground.

There are many users for that high priced set of clubs sitting in the back of the garage. Put them to use before your wife or partner decides they were a bad idea, and sells them to make room for other storage items.

Source by Paul J Easton

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