Gaining Momentum In Your Financial Life


Our ministry started the new year in a new office. It’s really great to be here, but it wasn’t easy.

In fact, the whole moving experience reminded me of a powerful life lesson that I think will encourage you as you begin a brand new year, or anything new.

Here’s the story…

We didn’t really want to move. In fact, we shuttered at the thought. However our landlord sold our old building so we had to go. If that wasn’t enough, after preparing to uproot ourselves we had to change the move date – twice. Talk about disruptive.

When we finally got in to the new space, we had to work through seemingly endless problems. Phones, computers and networks in chaos. We’re still not clear of it all.

Here’s the lesson…

Here it is. Right from my first hand experience. To get to a better place, sometimes you just have to wade through the mud. To persevere when setbacks come. To dig deeper, to trust God more.

Please stick with me on this.

I get emails and calls all the time from people who want to get to a better place with their finances or solve money issues. Many express their total frustration.

Handling money wisely and productively is not as easy as they thought…

If you’re struggling with your finances or if you are working to make a good thing even better, I’m here to tell you to keep going. Don’t quit. In fact, this is the time to redouble your efforts and push through. You’re likely closer than you think.

You can gain that edge by discovering the biblical principles and practical applications you must act on to manage and build wealth successfully.

And once you get momentum, it all gets much, much easier.

Source by Bob Louder

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