Gathering Feedback About Your Outdoor Movie Event


You have spent a lot of time planning your outdoor movie event and now the big night is here. It is satisfying to see the results of all of your hard work and planning, and you are probably ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the event. Just don’t forget about one last important step: gathering feedback about your outdoor movie event.

Why Gather Feedback?

Collect feedback from attendees and use the information to make future endeavors memorable. Feedback from the audience, whether it is positive or negative, is a great way to understand the expectations of audiences. Outdoor movie events require more than just an investment of time, they also require an investment of money. Feedback helps to ensure that the events you organize produce the highest returns on your investment. Finally, feedback is a simple way to collect information on the demographics of attendees; this information can be used to sell sponsorship for future events.

How to Collect the Information

There are several ways to collect information. First, try setting up a booth or table at the event. Try offering an incentive to encourage participation, like the chance to win a prize. You could also elect a worker or volunteer to walk around at the event and ask one or two questions about how they like the event and/or what is their favorite part of that experience.

If you prefer to give attendees the chance to provide feedback after the event, you could use e-mail, phone or the event website. Set-up a registration table and gather e-mail information to send an online survey, or make an announcement inviting guests to call and take the survey by phone. If your event has a website or Facebook page, post a survey there.

What Information Should You Gather?

It is important to collect the right information; data that can be used to improve future events. Here are some ideas for helpful information to gather using your survey:

  • Did they like the movie?
  • Who came to the event with them? (family, friends, kids)
  • Demographics
  • How did they hear about the event?
  • Venue
  • Food
  •  Entertainment 

Make sure the time and money you put into your outdoor movie event or events is well spent. The information you can gather from attendees following your movie event is helpful in many ways. Use these tips to collect the right information from as many guests as possible.

Source by Paul B Murray

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