Get a Deep Voice – Learn to Have a Really Deep Voice


Guys, how many times have you been told that you sound like a girl? How many times have you been mistaken for a girl on the phone? It’s irritating isn’t it? I know how you feel. I used to get this ALL the time, and boy did I get frustrated. The good news is, I am writing this article to help people just like you, people who need to learn how to get a deep voice. Or better yet, learn how to have a REALLY deep voice. It is definitely possible, and it’s really not that difficult. I am going to teach you how in a matter of days, or even just a few weeks, you can have a really deep voice, just like I do now.

First off, I want to stress on the fact that it is known that men with deeper voices, have more opportunities. By opportunities I mean, the women come to you more. It is so true, men with deeper voices are like magnets to women. When I had a squeaky mouse like voice, I was the “best friend” or the girls, never the cute guy they all wanted to date. But now that I have learned how to get a deep voice, the chicks seem to be much more attracted to me. Some have even commented on how I have a really deep voice, and not in a negative way.

Now, one of the main things I had to do to get a deeper voice was have a little bit of confidence. At first I was a bit skeptical thinking what if my voice is deep but sounds all raspy and disgusting. Well, luckily it’s not even like that. But, you have to have confidence in your new voice after you learn how to get a deep voice. The second thing is, when you are training to learn how to get a deep voice, you really need to be focused on your pitch. Reason for this is because you don’t want to have a manly voice only sometimes. You want to make sure it is evened out and consistent.

Source by Colton Graco

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