Get Clear On WHY You’re in Business


While in the woods of South Dakota recently for a little visiting and vacation, I engaged in a partial – and intentional — technology fast. I checked email and social media for my   business , but avoided the  news . When I returned to civilization, I learned that I had missed a whole host of world events – many of them horrific.

It was a reminder of the lack of balance that exists in our modern-day world, and what happens when hyper adolescent men are in charge of families, companies and countries. (I’m not a man-hater. Many others have commented on this phenomenon.)

And it reminded me of my “WHY” for being in business.

I do my work to help change the world, by helping women create thriving businesses.

When women are engaged in a successful venture (and that definition is absolutely personal) they can support themselves and their families, serve clients, stimulate their local economy. The clients that I work with are game-changers: women involved in the work of transforming, not just their business, but the world.

The work I co-create with each client improves their business. And when their business grows, they can change the world.

Entrepreneurship is the new Women’s Movement and I’m proud to support my clients in their empowerment.

The real reason you’re in business.

Get really honest with yourself and be clear why you’re in business. Your “WHY” is the motivation for what you do. It’s the engine that drives you. Clarity around the real reason you’re in business is the fuel that keeps you going when running your business gets rough.

Your reason for doing your great work may be to become rich. Perhaps you want to be famous. Or to make a difference in the world. There’s no right or wrong answer. Your WHY needs to get you out of bed in the morning. It must be able to propel you through the muck of entrepreneurship.

If your WHY isn’t strong enough – or deep enough – it may not be sufficient to hold you when things get wild in your business.

Helping others isn’t your WHY

One of my mentors advises that if your “WHY” involves another person, it’s not deep enough. Your “WHY” must be incredibly personal, even selfish. It’s like a survival skill. When the reason you do what you do is that deep, it’s becomes your calling.

Sure, helping others is important to your business, but that’s how you accomplish your “WHY”.

Say you’re a wellness coach and your “WHY” is to change the world. You do that by helping women be strong in their bodies (your “HOW”), improving their confidence and their sense of being in the world. Your HOW helps you to accomplish your WHY.

Motivation is Power

If you’re not clear on WHY you’re in business, you have two problems.

One is the risk of pooping out when the going gets tough because your motivation may not be strong enough to keep you engaged.

And two, what you do and how you do it isn’t grounded to your very essence. When we blend the deepest longings of our soul with our great work, there’s a magic that happens. The power of our motivation propels our work to higher levels. It becomes an energy that connects us to people, resources and opportunities. Motivation = power.

Get crystal clear

I challenge you to get real and clear on why you’re in business. Find the root of your mojo and infuse that into your great work. When you’re clear, aligned and integrated with your WHY, you’ll harness a power, one that can move you and your business.

Source by Kimberly Ward Manning

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