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iPhone which is a multimedia and internet enabled phone is now the latest craze. Once you get hold of it you will fall in love with this fun and easy to use gadget. Aside from its main use as a handheld camera phone, it is also a multimedia player which you can play music, movies, videos etc. Another function of iPhone is an internet device and the touch screen interface makes it easy to use. To make this amazing gadget more enjoyable you need to get access to free legal downloads for iPhone.

You can download games, movies, TV shows and music to your iPhone that you can watch and listen anytime and anywhere. Of course to keep a huge library of media files on your iPhone you need to get free legal downloads for iPhone. Downloads with pay per download is not practical in the long run. Your expenses will accumulate and you have to pay more if you want to download more files.

Even if the internet is flooded with websites offering free downloads, it is unlikely that you will find free legal downloads for iPhone. You may get into trouble downloading copyrighted files illegally from freebies sites. Aside from the illegal distribution of copyrighted files, you are not sure if the files from those sites are virus free. Viruses can harm your computer and iPhone.

The safest way to get free legal downloads for iPhone is through membership sites. Membership sites treat copyright issues seriously. All files are guaranteed 100% scanned and virus free. Although you have to pay for a one time membership fee, it is very much worth for the unlimited access on free legal downloads for iPhone. You will also get a lot of extras and free services along with your membership. All downloads are free once you become a member. You will never be billed again, no extra charges, or per download fees.

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