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From the time of the first handprints on the caves of Lascaux to the latest blend of  art  and music and movement that exists on the Internet, people have exerted all their considerable intellect on the creation of  art . Sharing  art  with those near and far is easier now than ever before, with lifetime Internet tours of the Louvre down to the most recent local  art  festival. Everyone makes  art , to some degree one of which is the abstract  art  on canvas.

The styles of clothing that we wear present ourselves to the world in a form of  art . Narrowing our focus to the representational  art  of the Western world, we learn of perspective, proportion and the dynamics of the color wheel.

 Art  made in these parameters attempts to recreate part of the natural world and perhaps reached its peak in the middle of the 19th century, with the grand landscapes and seascapes of Winslow Homer. In a turning of the tide of the world of  art , Impressionism from France focused on light and its primal nature that breaks up to a prism all the wonderful scenes that we perceive with our eyes. This movement represented a divorce from strictly representational  art , as dibs and dabs of light-colored paint, liberally and artfully applied to the canvas, came to depict wholly recognizable scenes when viewed from a greater distance than heretofore.  Art , as it were, seemed to be breaking up into a more subjective experience by 1900. We shall see how abstract  art  on canvas is actually the culmination of centuries of artistic expression.

With the greater relevance of technology to modern society, begun by the Industrial Revolution and spurred on by the turn of the 20th century, a new sort of  art  emerged, built on the shoulders of the past naturalistic artistic geniuses, yet looking forward to an ever-changing future. Abstract  art  abounded in the Eastern philosophies of the Islamic world, forbidden to represent the human form and so flowering in abstract patterns of calligraphy and flower motifs. From the Far East came the notion of the mandala, a concentric diagram relating in abstract form the search for enlightenment, a tool to be used, as all  art  may be said to be used, to delve into our common consciousness and enjoy the truest essence of  art . From these far-flung areas of the world, disseminated through the greater communication methods of the mid-19th and 20th centuries, abstract  art  on canvas made its way into the Western panorama of artistic expression.

By 1910, African  art , Eastern  art  and Islamic  art  styles influenced such abstract painters as Picasso, who could enjoy the beauty of Islamic calligraphy and African totems without being able to understand their underlying meanings. Abstraction is expressed through a continuum. All  art  may be said to be abstract, as a matter of fact, as the  art  produced is not the thing viewed itself, yet to our modern way of thinking, when we hear the words “abstract  art “, we think of a splash of riotous color, a cubist representation of a farmhouse, or a geometric grid that exists only as a crystal fractal pattern. The most traditional subjects in  art , such as Michelanglo’s statue of David, have elements of abstraction, in that the figure’s hands are deliberately enlarged to generate a certain effect. Few homes, however, have the wherewithal to house such a monumental piece.

Abstract  art  on canvas offers the modern collector the most attainable form of creating an abstract  art  collection. Using the modern, long-lasting medium of acrylic paint, each painting stands as the way to portray your home as a place of refinement.

Source by Peter Dranitsin

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