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When a patient knows that he is facing serious and incurable illness, patient and their loved ones will ask doctors and nurses: “What should do I do now?” They really do not know and everything they are worrying about in life becomes suddenly unimportant. Many people will realize that the short time in their life is very important. You will always think what you should do in life and what you have not done yet. All you members of the family will always wanted to hear your story once again. They will ask for your blessing.

Most Americans get a serious illness at a time when they have very little practical understanding of insurance. They fear that the increasing hospital bills will reach the coverage limit. They fear that the specialist you want to see is not approved by your insurance company. You will fear that the hole in the  health  insurance coverage will eat up all your money in your saving. That’s why a great insurance plan is a solution.

The best  health  insurance plan must have the following criteria:

  1. A very high coverage limit that will not exhausted even the worst and most expensive medical bill
  2. Maximum annual dollar limit that you can live with on your out-of-pocket
  3. Types of expenses should be no dollar limit such as dollar limits on daily charges for the room and dollar limits of surgical procedures.
  4. Having freedom to see specialists without any referral
  5. Coverage include anywhere in the world
  6. The out-of-pocket is the most important aspect of  health  insurance policies that will limits your annual responsibility for your co-payments.

Do you found most plans have all the criteria? No. I can say that less than half whether it is individual or group  health  plans being sold in the United States include all five elements that make your  health  insurance plan the best.

What is the important of this aspect is that you want an insurance plan that will not bring your financial problem at the end of the day. You must remember that a good  health  insurance plan will let you choose the most skilled provider. Just imagine if you want to treat your 7-year-old’s cancer, or performing skin grafting operations after your spouse been badly burned.

Source by Mohd Aizat Ashaari

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