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Not everyone has what it takes to be a movie star; however, everyone can get the chance to be in a movie. Anyone who has watched a movie knows that there are many people in the scenes, appearing to go about their own business. These people are called extras. They are the regular people who do not have any lines. They may be part of a crowd, passengers on a bus, customers in a restaurant and many other scenes. Those people who appear in these scenes have to go through movie extras casting.

Being an extra in a movie or TV show may not make you a star, but at least it will give you the opportunity to be in the studio or movie set where you can work along the stars. Those who are really lucky can even have the camera focus on them for a few seconds and they can get their face on TV. There are many people who have appeared as extras or background actors in a number of shows or movies. These are people are constantly looking for the opportunity to be part of any movie. While most of them do so in the hope that they will one day get recognized and get a speaking role, there are those who just enjoy the atmosphere of being in the studio.

Most people who get the movie extra jobs begin their journey at Central Casting in Burbank. This is the place where movie studios go to get their extras. As the largest extras company in the US, Central Casting sees many prospective background actors walk through their doors. It is important for people to note that there are some fake companies out there, which try to take advantage of extras’ hopefuls. Anyone looking to be part of a movie is better of dealing with Central Casting to avoid being scammed.

The law requires extras to be over 18, have a valid driver’s license and their social security card with them. Passports and birth certificates are also accepted. At the casting, the potential extras will have two photos taken, which will be filed along with other hopefuls photos. It is important to dress up for the part that you expect to portray. It always pays to dress to impress when hoping to get work as an extra. The hopeful pays for the cost of taking the photos, and must have the cash ready.

The casting studio will also want details of the potential extra’s physical measurements, and all this information is filled along with the photo. After signing up, the potential extra goes home from where he will need to call the casting studio each day to find out if there are jobs available. The process can be time-consuming, but those who persevere will eventually get results.

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